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TIF Research Lab is where innovation begins. We delve into the world of branding anthropology, a research methodology that explores the cultural context, behaviors, and motivations surrounding your brand and its audience.

Our goal is to empower your brand to become proactive change agents, contributing to a brighter future for all.

“We navigate at the intersection of culture, history, behavioral insights, and market foresight.

Our goal is to strategically develop new products, brands, organizations, and sustainable business perspectives in today’s ever-evolving world.”

Juan David Brand

Brand Strategy & Culture
Intelligence Specialist

Said Puentes

Research Lab &
Culture Specialist

Co-creators of Research Lab

Services & Products

Why is Research important?

In a highly competitive environment no decision can be taken lightly, information and its correct interpretation are the key to the success of current and future organizations.

Market Viability

Do you have a game-changing product or brand concept brimming with promise? Before diving in, ensure it has the market potential to succeed. Our Market Validation Studies provide the critical insights you need to make informed decisions and propel your idea forward.

We bridge the gap between your vision and reality.

Market Insights

Specific and highly contextualized market & consumer research to provide key orientation to create effective penetration strategies, brand & product adaptation and marketing campaigns that can actually influence change.

Market insights reports combine both qualitative data and forecasting with cultural & consumer psychology approaches.

User Intelligence Studies
& Audience Mapping

We combine User Experience (UX) and Customer Experience (CX) research methods with ethnographic research and semiotic analysis to understand your audience’s interactions and emotional journeys to provide empathy-driven innovation.

& Cultural Assessment

For companies worrying about productivity, engagement and change management indicators we provide a strategic-driven Organizational & Cultural Assessment, to help execute internal culture plans capable of enhancing motivation, communication, creativity and innovation

Competitive Research ™

A unique 360 approach to market research that combines: auditing your internal forces and capabilities, an overview of the industry & competitive landscape analysis and in-depth audience and consumer insights. The result is a comprehensive report of the areas of possibilities to gain back competitiveness and relevance.

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