Things to consider when building a new website in 2022+

By: Growth
| Date: September 8, 2022 |
Category: TIF Culture

A website is a company’s letter of introduction. It’s where you proclaim what you have to say and, ultimately, what your business is about. 

It should showcase your brand’s values and purpose while organically connecting with your audience. 

In addition, it should primarily focus on your brand’s objective and targeted demographic. There are two pillars to creating a successful website, and at TIF, we can help you accomplish both.

What is it that you want to achieve with the website?

Before developing a website, be clear about your objective. Clarify the purpose that your site serves. 

Ponder the following:
Do you want the website visitor to buy a product, book a service, or contact your company directly? Once you define your expectations, you can start planning how you will convey your message to your audience. 

You’ll hone in on the most important information and how to display it with high visibility.

Know your audience as you know your product

When creating a website, the other side of the coin is knowing your audience. When the reader sees the website, make sure that they get the optimal message at first glance. 

Know what potential clients are looking for and ensure that your website makes them feel like they’ve finally come to the right place. 

There are millions of websites out there, so if your offer doesn’t click with your targeted demographic, it’s likely that they’ll leave your site and move along to the next.

How does a great website experience look like?

An exemplary case of website functionality we’d like to provide is that of a restaurant business. This type of website employs a certain type of storytelling narrative. 

Using mainly visuals, it must awaken primal sensations of taste and smell through an exquisite dining experience. Especially in the case of a restaurant, the idea is to create urgency within the reader. 

They begin to salivate, thinking I need to go to here ASAP! The ultimate goal is that they send the restaurant details to their friends, family, and/or significant other.  


To achieve the best page design results, we recommend the following:

  • Know your users well. By understanding what exactly they’re looking for, you can present this information in the best way possible. You may even surprise them with something they didn’t know they wanted.

  • Understand the current environment and read the room. What are buyers searching for in your industry? Always keep up with your product or service’s market trends and analyze how your competition is standing out. Knowing the present climate will help you make crucial decisions while positioning your page for success.
  • Identify how your users visit your site—via desktop or mobile—and focus your design accordingly. It’s also beneficial to prioritize mobile compatibility, as most people will find your site on their cell phone. 

  • Understand the universal language of websites and use it well. For example, everyone knows that an “x” means close. When they click on the “buy” button, they’re about to make a purchase. Streamline your website with this language.

  • Ensure optimal interaction with the customer. For example, provide an interactive menu to improve user experience. Not being able to scroll or visualize products in the menu can be highly problematic.

  • Less is more in the digital world. Avoid excessive text and choose wisely when deciding what information to include. Ultimately, you want the user to act quickly (i.e., make a purchase) with the least number of clicks. Don’t make them jump through hoops with unnecessary steps.

  • Ensure that the following are easily and quickly accessible: location, how to book, product information and price points, etc.

  • Don’t just rely on text and images. Technology advances at a crazy fast pace, so make sure you know what tools are at your disposal. There are so many boring websites out there; stay on the cutting edge with creative resources like animation, video, GIFs, and so much more. *

*Be selective, as too many visual elements can slow down a page.  

If you’re looking to create an impactful website of your own, contact us today to start the planning process with The Ideas Factory!