Redefining the pyramid of value

By: Strategy
| Date: January 21, 2022 |
Category: TIF Culture

Traditionally in the structure of a marketing strategy design based on people’s behavior, it is important to consider the pyramid of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as a fundamental element to know the physiological, security, belonging, recognition, and self-realization needs, to define what the internal and external motivations are, which can lead people to consider a message, a content, or an experience relevant, based on the purpose that the brand wants to communicate.

This pyramid has been improved based on the new corporate thinking model, which understands the intuitive needs of the consumer, defining products based on 4 fundamental elements such as functional and emotional benefits, those that promote a change of life, and those that make a social impact. This allows you to adapt your offer to make it relevant in the context of people, adding value, and providing an effective solution to each of their needs. 


At TIF, we redefine the pyramid of value, and Maslow’s, changing the vision from where we look at each one, and that is reflected very well with the definition of the Psychologist Clotaire Rapaille on the subject:

“The motives do not replace each other, nor do they have to be carried out sequentially, rather all needs must be satisfied and are triggered by different circumstances at different times depending on the cultural context and the situation.”

Although the presentation of the customer’s journey is done sequentially, in the already known stages of awareness, consideration, decision, retention, this is done to make each interaction more understandable, because we know very well that people come and go, today they can decide something, and tomorrow they discover new things that make them doubt, or the trigger that motivates them to acquire a product passes each of the stages without apparently a previous interaction, but without a doubt is has been expressed in different contexts and multiple ways.

Therefore, in TIF, we see the pyramid not from the front, but from above, considering each element as a whole that composes them, and perceiving with a holistic vision each point of contact that people experience with a brand since, in this unpredictable journey that you take, it is important to analyze what leads you to move forward or backward in your path.