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Legacy and traditions are essential to our essence. We must remember where we come from and build a future based on the lessons we have learned.

Carry out a compendium of audits for the brand (internal and external) to know the current state of the sector at a narrative, visual, strategic, digital, and tech level. This helps articulate a brand strategy, research audience and market context.

Create the guidelines for brand management with a functional model that allows the execution of tactical marketing actions consistent with the purpose and competitive angle of RAILQUIP.

Generate the visual guidelines in a complete brand book.

What we did

We have created a complete strategic, narrative and visual structure that allows scaling the company’s transformation at all levels, starting with the appropriation of its brand essence internally. These tools help the brand communicate to the world its vision, impact and contribution to the evolution of the nation.

Railquip is based on solid and consistent brand parameters that align with what the company wants to be for people, as a symbol of courage, tenacity, and responsibility for the well-being of others.


We are proud to work together with Railquip in its new stage: in the construction of a brand that forges the paths of a nation that seeks to go further, that dreams of creating a new world by breaking boundaries, transcending the borders of the impossible, inspiring and building a sustainable future for all.