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COTRADING provides a wide range of quality products for today’s men, women and families. They promise to make life easier for people. With their line of practical and effective home solutions, they deliver.


The goal was to articulate the brand strategy for each category and create key messages that aligned with their pillars. We looked to establish new identity bases for each line, thereby revamping each of the product’s packaging to reflect its new image.

What we did

We developed the concept and articulation for four of COTRADING’s brands, reflecting their core values. We clarified the products’ functions and tangible virtues. By completely developing the brand architecture, we helped them establish different paths for each line. We delivered a specific, segmented message for each target audience.

 In addition, we improved their visual communication by updating product packaging and showcasing each item’s benefits with attractive details. Throughout, we ensured that their main principles were enhanced and positively demonstrated.