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Brand innovation for an IT company in Latin America

Autonomic Mind needed to establish their brand as a vital bridge between hiring companies and IT talent. By demonstrating their passion for what they do, they sought to define themselves as trailblazers within their field.

We were tasked with analyzing the market landscape to create a tailored brand concept for Autonomic Mind. While matching the needs, desires and motivations of their targeted entrepreneurs and talent, we gave the company a defined, competitive edge. In addition, we used Autonomic Mind’s graphic guidelines to establish their visual imagery.

What we did

To understand our client’s needs, we dove into the IT world and developed their ultimate guide: the brand book! We defined Autonomic Mind’s identity while speaking to the wishes and demands of expanding companies and job-seeking talent.

A key factor in this process was designing Autonomic Mind’s graphic logo. By creating a new image that embodied the brand’s spirit, as well as revamping and modernizing their website, we further catapulted Autonomic Mind toward success.

Aside from giving Autonomic Mind a new image and an effective, streamlined website, we helped them prepare for an internal transformation. Conceivably the most important part of this process was generating a roadmap for them to motivate employees and enhance internal culture.